Moving the Mountain

[image: my view from an Amtrak train as I traveled across the country. Somewhere in Colorado, 2009.]

I read another “women’s devotional” this morning that talked about how losing weight is an example of having “good” and true faith. This is my response:

poetry by J. Nicole Morgan

(you can click to make the text a bit larger if need be!)

3 Comments on “Moving the Mountain

  1. Whoa. Beautiful words.
    It’s sometimes not about being “enough” is it? It’s about being “too much.” And where is the “goodness” in that? And what is “beauty” or “success” or “achievement” anyway?
    Faithfulness, goodness and true heart beauty is never going to be found in a weight or dress size. Or IQ. Or college acceptance. Or salary. Truth is only found when God woos us. A deep, passionate longing He has for us.
    I, too, have asked for the mountain to be moved. (Several of them, as a matter of fact.) And it never, never, never happens. But God is still on His throne.
    So I asked – what do You want me to do, God? His response? Love me. Spend time with me. Make me your priority. I long to love you – Just as you are.


    • absolutely about being “too much” sometimes. And funny how “too much” can feel like not enough.

      and, amen!


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