J. Nicole Morgan is a freelance editor specializing in theology and social ethics writing.I do freelance research, editing, and style-formatting  for theological manuscripts, books, presentations, and long articles.

  • degrees in Theology (M.T.S., 2014, Palmer Theological Seminary, emphasis on Public Policy) and English (B.A., 2005, University of West Georgia)
  • familiar with MLA and Chicago Style
  • former Secondary English teacher
  • experience following publishing-house specific style guides to ensure manuscript compliance
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Proofreading, editing, and style and citation formatting:  $30/hour
How long your project will take depends on many factors. I am happy to provide a quote for your project!  In general, plan to spend anywhere from 1/4 cent to 1.5 cent per word for proofreading, editing, and style formatting. Minimum charge for a project is $75 (up to 2.5 hrs).

“Nicole . . .minds all the p’s and q’s of formatting that would leave my head spinning.” 
Sarah Withrow King, author.  

Research:  $25/hr

I research to find facts, figures, history, quotations, etc on your topic in peer-reviewed journals, books, internet sources, and popular periodicals. I do not “conduct” any original research studies of any type. How long this research takes is largely dependent on the complexity of your topic and the specificity of your research queries. If there is a specific source you want me to use, please be sure to mention that when you request a quote so I can make sure I have access to that source before we agree to work together. Minimum charge for a project is $75 (up to 3 hrs).

“Nicole is the most thorough, precise, and efficient researcher with whom I have ever worked.” – 
Anthony Grimes, pastor, writer, and community animator. 


For projects quoted at $450  (15 editing hours, 18 research hours) or less:  A 50% deposit (or at least $75, whichever is more)  is due before work begins and the remainder is due upon completion.

For projects longer than $450:   A 50% deposit  is due before work begins. After that, you will be billed 35% at the halfway point and then the remaining 15% will be due once I’ve finished your project.

I accept all payments through PayPal.

“Nicole . . . sees a vision for my projects and brings profound insights, important questions, and creative suggestions. She takes the time to understand the context and goals.” – 
Mae Elise Cannon is a minister, writer, justice-advocate, and academic.

The Process:

Timing and Turn-Around: I only work on a few large projects at a time so that I can spend time working on each current project each week. Depending on how many projects are on my schedule, I can spend between 4-10 hrs a week on an individual project. We can discuss your timing needs and my schedule availability during the quote process.  Rush projects may be available for an additional 10%  fee.

“Nicole . . . has the skills and ability to focus on the meticulous details of formal citation and style needed for polished writing. She has a wide general knowledge of Christianity and social justice issues which provide a great starting point for her to be able to dive head-first into researching a wide variety of topics.”  – 
Paul Alexander, professor, author 


Shorter 1-2 hour projects (a series of blog articles, factual research for a short speech prep, or a short journal/magazine article) can typically be worked into my schedule  with turn around within a week.  Please note that my minimum charge for any project is $75.

Longer projects typically take 2-3 weeks. I advise scheduling a “submission” date with  me and paying the deposit so that I can reserve time in my schedule for your project. If you are looking for a last minute editor and need a quick turn-around, please feel free to contact me and I will be honest about my availability and ability to finish the editing within your time constraints.

“Nicole . . .provided valuable feedback on the organization and the flow of the book.” – Tokunbo Adelekan, pastor-teacher, writer, and scholar. 

Great! Let’s get a quote:

Please use the contact page to inquire about these services.   We can talk about what you’re working on and if your project seems like a fit, we will discuss timing and scheduling details.

[image: research and coffee. Two things I love.]