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Fat and Faithful: loving God incarnate and our neighbor’s body as our own is a podcast co-hosted by J. Nicole Morgan and Amanda Martinez Beck.

These approximately 30 minute episodes cover topics such as fat stigma in and out of the church, intuitive eating, health at every size, finding plus-size clothes, and breaking down fat-acceptance myths. We talk faith, politics, and culture as it relates to fatness with the goal of learning to better love God, our neighbors, and yes – even our selves.

You can listen online at: http://fatandfaithful.libsyn.com/

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We should have rolled these out much sooner. We are working to do better.  As of May 2019, we are actively having the full archive transcribed and will be uploading links to those here as they are available.  If we can help make this content accessible for you in some other way, please let Nicole know.

Fat & Faithful Live! 8-17-2020

Nicole and Amanda are back! This episode is the audio from our first Facebook Live event, which took place on our Fat & Faithful Facebook page (facebook.com/fatandfaithful). You can watch it here! We talk about our childhoods in larger bodies and how class and wealth affected us growing up. Our theme music is “These Bodies” by The Many. Check them out at themanyarehere.com.

Season 4: 

4.1 Season Opener 

Fat activists J. Nicole Morgan & Amanda Martinez Beck chat about what’s happened over the break after Season 3, and talk about what listeners will get to hear in Season 4.

4.2 Fayelle Interview

Hear our conversation with our friend (and F&F transcriptionist!) Fayelle Ewuakye. Hire her! fayelle123@yahoo.com

4.3 Derek White, The Geek Preacher

Season 3: 

3.10 Fat Joy!

May 6, 2019

On the closer for season 3, Nicole and Amanda talk about the joy they experience as fat women, specifically about joy that is unique to fat bodies. 

3.9 Fat Grief

May 2, 2019

CONTENT WARNING: child abuse and death

Nicole and Amanda discuss the burden of grieving in a fat body and grieving for other bodies. 

Mentioned in episode:
Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paolo Freire
Fat and Fertile group on Facebook by Nicola Salmon

3.9: The Catholic Working Mother w/JoAnna Wahlund

Apr 25, 2019

Amanda interviews her fellow Catholic working mother JoAnna Wahlund, whose book comes out at the end of May. 

Best line from JoAnna in this episode: “We need to change the concept of the male wombless body as being normative” [in the workplace]. 

3.2: Fat Erasure

Feb 11, 2019

Nicole and Amanda talk about the phenomenon of fat erasure and how it has affected them as fat women. 

3.1: Welcome to Season 3 of Fat and Faithful!

Feb 5, 2019

How we have missed y’all! You know that life happens and things get away from you–well, in August, Nicole released her book (Fat & Faithful) and in December, Amanda’s came out (Lovely), and the first episode of season 3 of the podcast got lost in the shuffle. So here it is, in all its belated glory! (We recorded in October, just FYI!) We have a great season planned for you, so make sure you subscribe, rate & review on iTunes and that you head over to Amazon to check out our books!

Season 2: 

2.10: Fat Acceptance Myths Busted

Jun 14, 2018

Nicole and Amanda talk about the three most common myths that people believe about the fat acceptance/size-dignity movement. 

2.9: Intuitive Eating with Julie Duffy Dillon

Jun 2, 2018

Amanda has a conversation with registered dietitian and host of the Love, Food podcast, Julie Duffy Dillon, about intuitive eating. Julie’s website is juliedillonrd.com and you can find her podcast wherever you get this one!

2.6: On Being the Fat Kid Pt 1

May 21, 2018

Nicole and Amanda share listeners’ experiences of being the fat kid, along with their own experiences. Also, they discuss childhood obesity campaigns and how they are problematic. 
(opens in a new tab)2.

Season 1: 

1.5: Edible Theology with Kendall Vanderslice

Oct 10, 2017

Amanda interviews author, baker, and scholar Kendall Vanderslice on the intersection of food, faith, and culture. 

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