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Fat and Faithful: Learning to Love Our Bodies, Our Neighbors, and Ourselves

You are already enough, and you are not too much.

J. Nicole Morgan grew up fat and loving Jesus. But she was forever burdened by what she saw as her biggest spiritual flaw: her weight. In Fat and Faithful, she shares her journey from body shame to fat acceptance and shows us how to care for the image of God found in every body–including our own. When the world tells us that our bodies are too much, J. Nicole Morgan reminds us that all people–no matter their size, shape, or ability–are beloved of God. Bodies of all sizes, shapes, colors, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities are expressions of the body of Christ. When our first prayer isn’t about changing our bodies, we create space to care for our neighbors and to celebrate the unique ways we are equipped to serve our communities in the bodies we have. Fat and Faithful shows us that the world is wider than the size of our waistline.

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Book Chapters

“Holy and Acceptable: Liberation from Evangelical Fat Shame” || Chapter 8 in
Evangelical Theologies of Liberation and Justice (Eds Mae Cannon and Andrea Smith, IVP, 2019) 

Articles and Essays

Let fat people speak for themselves — that’s the way you end ‘fatphobia’ || Religion News Service, May 2020

The Body of Christ includes fat people || The Salt Collective, May 2020

“Which of the Beatitudes do you struggle with the most and why?” || InTouch Ministries, December 2019

Body shaming tears apart the body of Christ || The Christian Century, July 2018

I Reject the Labels Overweight and Sinful. I’m Fat and God Loves Me. || The Salt Collective, Fall 2020

Let Us (All) Eat Cake || Christ and Pop Culture, May 2018

This is My Body: Six Writers Flesh it Out || Sojourners Magazine, May 2017

Fat, Faithful, Fruitful: Bodies in the Church || Evangelicals for Social Action, April 28, 2017

I Saw Myself in This is Us || Christianity Today, October 2016

Our Bodies are Imperfect Temples || Christianity, Today, August 2016

God Loves My Fat Body As it Is || Christianity Today, Her.Meneutics, October 2015

Wonderfully Made ||  PRISM Magazine, Winter 2014

Podcast and Other Media

The Body Is Not an Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor with J. Nicole Morgan (podcast) || Fat Girl Book Club, January 2020

Advent: Hope with J. Nicole Morgan (video) || Now She Rises, December 2018

Episode 43 – “Fat and Faithful” with Nicole Morgan (podcast) || Can I Say This At Church?, September 2018

Nicole Morgan (podcast) || fierce & lovely, Sesptember 2018

Is it Wrong for Christians to be Fat? (podcast) || Up for Debate with Julie Roys, February 2016

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