Compelling and accomplished speaker with the ability to connect to diverse audiences with humor and grace. Imminently relatable. Thoughtful and accessible.

Sample talk titles include:

  • Embodied Stories: fat bodies and the body of Christ
  • Fat and Faithful: Learning to Love Our Bodies, Our Neighbors, and Ourselves
  • Fasting, Gluttony, and Caring for Our Neighbors: a biblical exploration of food-related sins
  • Learning to Love Our Bodies: a discussion ways to counteract negative body image


I am comfortable speaking with small groups or larges ones. In addition to my experience speaking at church events and conferences, I also co-host a pod-cast and have experience as a high school teacher.

I can lead a lecture-style seminar, facilitate a discussion group or workshop, or plan and implement a multi-session experience that works through the spiritual, cultural, and personal issues at play when we are talking about body image and fat acceptance.

Contact me to learn more about having me come speak at your event.

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