Fat & Faithful LIVE September 2020 Fat & Faithful

Nicole and Amanda talk about how body changes have affected them over the years. Content warning: discussion of weight change and eating disorders. The discussion took place live on our Facebook page and you can watch here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=422077802097276 Music by The Many themanyarehere.com
  1. Fat & Faithful LIVE September 2020
  2. Fat & Faithful LIVE!
  3. Fat Bytes
  4. Our Friend Fayelle
  5. Let's Try That Again

Fat and Faithful: loving God incarnate and our neighbor’s body as our own is a podcast co-hosted by J. Nicole Morgan and Amanda Martinez Beck.

These approximately 30 minute episodes cover topics such as fat stigma in and out of the church, intuitive eating, health at every size, finding plus-size clothes, and breaking down fat-acceptance myths. We talk faith, politics, and culture as it relates to fatness with the goal of learning to better love God, our neighbors, and yes – even our selves.

LISTEN: http://fatandfaithful.libsyn.com/

TRANSCRIPTS: https://jnicolemorgan.com/podcast/podcast-transcripts/ 


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