Free Your Holidays Fat & Faithful

Today's episode is a preview of what we're doing over at Patreon–a daily podcast for the holidays for patrons at the $5 tier and above. It includes a daily meditation, touchstone, and practical tip to help free your holidays from food and body shame. Check it out at patreon.com/fatandfaithful
  1. Free Your Holidays
  2. Listening to Your Body with Noelle Allison
  3. Raising Fat Positive Kids
  4. Just for Fun: A Song
  5. Fat & Faithful LIVE September 2020

Fat and Faithful: loving God incarnate and our neighbor’s body as our own is a podcast co-hosted by J. Nicole Morgan and Amanda Martinez Beck.

These approximately 30 minute episodes cover topics such as fat stigma in and out of the church, intuitive eating, health at every size, finding plus-size clothes, and breaking down fat-acceptance myths. We talk faith, politics, and culture as it relates to fatness with the goal of learning to better love God, our neighbors, and yes – even our selves.

LISTEN: http://fatandfaithful.libsyn.com/

TRANSCRIPTS: https://jnicolemorgan.com/podcast/podcast-transcripts/ 


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