This Week in Faith & Fatness, vol. 2

The Lord is for the body
Here’s a couple things on faith and fatness that I ran across this past week.   Find something fabulous or frown-worthy you think I should see? Leave a comment, use the contact form, or tweet it to me!


Last Sunday a friend texted me after her church service,  the pastor said from the pulpit: “if you’re feeling depressed, sometimes you just need a good meal and a nap!” (he also voiced a qualifier that clinical depression is another matter)

I firmly believe that God designed food for both energy, fuel, and health and for pleasure and enjoyment and a way to connect to our own bodies and each other. Food can be mentally healing and cathartic. That’s not a bad thing, that’s a gift.

2. This article by a hospice chaplain is important:

She talks about how the dying talk to her about their bodies. And the author asks a questions that sums up beautifully the connection I see between how we treat our own bodies and how we treat the bodies of others – how our body hatred destroys the ability of the church to be the church:

“How do these voices telling us that we are supposed to hate our bodies affect our notions of how we care for the sick, disabled, elderly, children, mothers, soldiers, workers, immigrants, men and women? What we believe about our bodies affects how we treat other bodies, and how we treat each other’s bodies is how we treat each other.”

read more: What the Dying Really Regret


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