3 Easy Ways to Keep Thanksgiving Dinner Off Your Thighs

We have one week until the first big holiday feast of the season!  Here’s some tips for Thanksgiving dinner, but they’ll work to get you though the entire holiday season as you seek to keep food off your thighs!

1. The first is so easy most of you probably already do this when you gather to dine with friends and family. So, you just need to commit to following through on this during the holiday festivities.

So here’s the tip:  Wear clothing that covers your thighs while eating your Thanksgiving dinner.

2. But sometimes fabric is thin and gravy is hot. For an added layer of protection, add a napkin on your lap. Whether your gathering is the “paper towel” or the “cloth napkin” variety – finding an extra layer to cover your lap will help keep spilled wine or dropped cranberry sauce from ever touching your thighs.

3. The next one is tricky depending on the formality of your particular dinner. Don’t fret if you’re in a very informal atmosphere or in a crowded place where the only seating left is on the couch – tips 1 and 2 do a great job of keeping dinner off your thighs. However, if you are eating at a table , scooting your chair as close as possible to the table will also provide a substantial barrier between your food and your thighs.


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