Discovering my tastes

[image:  a french toast feast with neighbors on a snow day.]

One thing that’s been fun over the past decade as I’ve learned to eat intuitively – out of hunger or desire – rather than based on some set of rules, has been discovering what I like.

I’m a bit of a foodie. I love vegetables and food preparation techniques that are way too time consuming to be practical in my life. Arugula is my favorite type of leafy green.  Few things relax me more than wandering through farmers markets and I have, on more than one occasion, read cook-books cover-to-cover.  Learning to accept these “foodie” parts of me has been its own, mostly exciting, journey.

As a kid I remember turning down chocolate-chip pancakes on more than few occasions. I remember telling myself, “I shouldn’t eat those.”

I think perhaps one of the most surprising things that I’ve learned about my own food tastes is that I have no desire to eat chocolate chip pancakes.

Somehow I believed that because I was fat, I was supposed to inexplicably love all things dessert – chocolate and whip cream on your breakfast included. I turned them down with the conscious thought that I was saying no to a “forbidden” thing I was supposed to crave.

Turns out, I don’t crave them. Not at all.

Turns out I have a very strong aversion to dessert “flavored” things that are not dessert. Leave the cheesecake out of my yogurt. The words “chocolate chip cookie dough” do not belong anywhere near the “healthy energy bar” aisle.  And for goodness sakes, please leave the chocolate out of my breakfast!

For the record, in case you ever have me over to dinner. My hands-down favorite dessert is a home-made cobbler. Warm with a crunchy oat topping.

4 Comments on “Discovering my tastes

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  2. Mmmmm… cobbler. Any preferred kind??

    I like to think I’m a foodie but I think I’m a wannabe. Or I’m a much simpler foodie? I dunno, there are so so many things I don’t like. And techniques/styles I can’t stand. Don’t add fruit to my meat, like, ever, and stop with cinnamon mixed in with savory items. 🙂 Refined palate? Not as much as I’d like. But I do love food and it’s options and science and flexibility. And I too can read and do read cookbooks cover to cover.


    • peach and blackberry are my faves!

      and, I have another friend who can’t stand fruit in her entrees. lol. I hate hot pineapple, but typically I’m ok with fruit in the savory. Also, love adding a bit of cinnamon to meat. I think of you as a foodie!


      • Peach is probably my fave. I love the taate of blackberry but the little seeds make me crazy. I may need to make cobbler soon…

        And the topping… oh man, the crumbly/crunchy topping is almost as good as all the rest of it.

        And thanks! I’m not much of a fan of hot pineapple either. I do love some pineapple upside down cake but only after it’s ooled.


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