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Beach Body

J Nicole Morgan writes about body acceptance in the Christian church

If you have a body, it’s beach ready.

The Resurrected Jesus Eats

“The embodied Christ risen again. Not a spirit. Not an imagination. Not some new form. His body was dead and now his body is alive. Resurrection. Restoration. The body is important and it came back, too.”

Holy Week and tender care for The Body

“Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James and Salome brought spices, so that they might go and anoint him.”

Learning to love yourself.

I just got used to me. I just saw me.

Chicago was spring, Philadelphia autumn.

The years have cycled back, the way they do, to the first season.

Remembering Neal

In 1879 a man is accused and captured, but before a trial can be held, not that it would have mattered, a group of men arrive and drag his body from the jail and take him down the road and hang him. Hang him in front of a black church.

To Illustrate My Point: Dessert Flavored Yogurt

If you love dessert, eat a dessert.

Discovering my tastes

Somehow I believed that because I was fat, I was supposed to inexplicably love all things dessert – chocolate and whip cream on your breakfast included.


And there it is. The body and the blood – that’s what the body and the blood looks like when it’s moving and living.


A few years ago someone asked me, “What’s your passion?” and I had no idea how to answer them. It wasn’t that I didn’t have things that interested me, I just didn’t know what my passion was – I didn’t know what it was that motivated me or lead me to do the things I did. So I started looking at my life and trying to figure out that answer.